Policy & F.A.Q.’s

OUR mission & policies:

SILKSCREEN Specialists strives to put forth a “top notch” product at very reasonable prices. Customer service is of the utmost importance and must be regarded as such in and at every inquire and transaction. A quality product at affordable reasonable rates combined together with our personal customer service is the formula which has propelled SILKSCREEN Specialists to be the #1 choice to many community, social, school, military, political and youth & school sport organizations. We will always work hard for our customer. To those ever constant returning customers, “our top clientel”, we THANK YOU for your many years of support. That list itself is always expanding, growing, and a testimony to a job-well-done! To the most recent, the new customer, “we are always available to assist you in any way we can.” THANK YOU!

Military Organization needs Silkscreen Specialists


  • How much will it cost? Many factors that should be considered when determining your final cost / expense. How many items are you ordering? The size of the individual shirt or multiple sizes? Printing on one side or on both sides of shirt? Any printing on any sleeve? What make or brand of shirt and what style are you ordering? If a sports “team” shirt, are there individual player numbers and names to be printed? Is your design using one, two, three or more colors?
  • How long will it be from order to receiving / delivery pick-up? Depending on the size (total units) of the order, the typical pick-up date is from seven (7) to ten (10) business days from the order date. “IF” you should decide to alter, change or/and revise your original order a day or two later, then your completed pick-up date might be later. Ask “IF” changes would delay the completion pick-up date.


  •  Can I pay by personal check? We will accept local checks with proper ID. Our preferred mode of payment is cash, debit / credit card, company check or organization / association check. There is a substantial “RETURNED CHECK FEE”. There IS a required deposit or percentage due when placing your order.
Mastercard & Visa


“YES” you can bring in or email YOUR creation (design) and we will work with that and possibly offer other enhancements for your consideration. We are the CUSTOMER FRIENDLY STORE!!!